Fleet Management

Our fleet management solutions are win-win solutions, our approach is collaborative and consultative, and tailored around your unique needs.

Our experienced team understands the challenges of servicing complex machines and our ability as a service provider is proven across customers from a variety of sectors including logistics, manufacturing, transport and primary industries.

By working together, we gain an understanding of your organisation, your growth challenges and the complexities you face in remaining competitive and reliable to your customers.

We serve you from a proactive problem solving space; our team think outside the square and offer valuable guidance and input from product selection through to maintenance. Our proven experience in Fleet Management provides you with quality services for the maintenance and management of your assets providing you with:

  • Long-term mutually beneficial and trusted partnerships;
  • Utilisation of market expertise, innovation and sustainability initiatives;
  • Effective use of limited capital with a proven fleet management methodology that maximises saving on unnecessary capital expenditure; and
  • Genuine partners providing you with a focused service.

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks (Centra) has a significant record of accomplishment in the delivery of fleet either in Rental or CAPEX purchased across large commercial and industrial organisations, government departments and blue chip corporations.

Our Fleet Management Team drive continuous improvement by harnessing our experience and expertise to bring new ideas and market intelligence to the table. Because we customise our model to suit your needs, we are enabled to respond to your changing requirements and give you confidence in achieving your desired objectives by backing our ability to deliver results on time and on budget.

Maintenance Services, 24 hours a day

The smooth running of your business depends on the reliable and economic operation of your forklift and warehousing equipment. We are available 24/7 to assist you in the event of an emergency breakdown.

Our emergency response team consists of a team of experienced Service Technicians, supported by dedicated support staff in parts, product and rentals. Our technicians are committed to minimising your downtime and protecting and maintaining the integrity of mission-critical equipment.

We aim for an immediate response, a “customer-first attitude” from a detail-focused passionate team that works effectively and efficiently 24/7.

Planned Preventative Maintenance should you own your fleet

Conducting comprehensive preventative maintenance will help you maximise the efficient running of your Mitsubishi forklift and warehousing fleet. Our team of Service Technicians work to ensure best uptime and reliability of critical equipment, meaning you have fewer unplanned maintenance events and reduced long-term costs of ownership.

A preventative maintenance agreement guarantees more reliability from your fleet, reduces operating costs by maintaining efficiency and identifies small problems before they cause a major failure or other loss of uptime. Downtime caused by equipment failures can represent a major cost for your production processes and can cause disruption to any business.

Our preventative maintenance agreements are tailored to suit your specific needs. The frequency and scope of works is customised to maximise efficiency and reliability. Whether it is at one site or multiple locations, we have the resources and skill set to offer a full suite of fleet management solutions for all types of forklift and warehousing equipment no matter where you are anywhere in New Zealand.

A comprehensive preventative maintenance agreement will:

  • Increase your forklift fleet’s reliability and reduce downtime;
  • Increase life expectancy of your forklift fleet;
  • Improve safety and quality conditions; and
  • Improve energy/fuel consumption.

Forklift Fleet Lifecycle Management

We can evaluate new and existing forklift and warehousing equipment to provide you with the information required to make decisions on whether it’s better to replace, rather than repair equipment nearing the end of its lifecycle. Our approach to equipment lifecycle management takes the following into consideration:

  • Original equipment manufacturers’ maintenance specifications;
  • Are Spare parts still largely available for the equipment;
  • Remaining useful life of the equipment;
  • Can the fleet’s life be extended;
  • What is the likely impact on your business from failure of individual equipment;
  • Fleet replacement value; and
  • Possible run to fail lifespan and applicable cost avoidance if appropriate.

Refurbishment and / or Replacement

Our team of skilled Service Technicians can carry out repairs, part replacement, overhauls / refurbishments, while maintaining and enhancing the original functionality and performance specifications of the equipment.

Refurbishments include, but are not limited to;

  • Repair to ensure maximum reliability of engine / transmission / electric motors;
  • Repair and / or replacement of worn or damaged componentry;
  • Cleaning and grooming of salvageable existing equipment; and
  • Cosmetic overhaul including replacement of panels, rubbers and paint.

Our Sales teams can look at individual fleet equipment performance and where necessary, replace worn-out equipment with replacement Mitsubishi fleet that is specifically matched to your needs.

Our equipment replacement capabilities include:

  • Fleet analysis;
  • Alternative fleet solutions;
  • Energy efficiencies;
  • Fleet management from inception to commissioning.

Fleet Management

Centra specialises in providing superior value, customer-focused fleet management for medium to large commercial and industrial organisations, logistics, transportation, manufacturers and agribusinesses.

Our expertise includes:

  • Creating preventative maintenance processes;
  • Organising and managing, maintaining equipment asset registers;
  • Equipment life-cycle management and costing analysis;
  • Mechanical, electrical and hydraulics services;
  • Battery Electric equipment energy audits;
  • Reactive maintenance;
  • Statutory compliance;
  • Total fleet management delivery; and
  • The capability to manage multi-sites across New Zealand.

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Call Centra on 0508 367 548 or, alternatively our team on:

Auckland: 09 634 8500

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Hours of operation: Monday – Friday  7:30am – 5:00pm

Call Centra Now

Call us on 0508 367 548 or, alternatively our team on:

Auckland: 09 634 8500

Bay of Plenty: 07 282 9910

Waikato: 07 849 5128

Lower North Island: 06 355 9033

South Island: 03 343 6814

Hours of operation: Monday – Friday  7:30am – 5:00pm