Genuine vs Non-Genuine Brakes

Forklift Genuine vs similar

We often get asked about the difference between Forklift genuine Mitsubishi parts and similar parts from other manufacturers in the market that appear indistinguishable.  Sometimes these similar Forklift parts sell for a lesser price, but does the customer get their money’s worth?

It is better to be penny-wise than pound-foolish.  Often, the source of non-genuine parts is questionable, and the quality remains unclear.  They often come with no warranty, as opposed to those from authorized channels with a factory warranty.  Moreover, you receive peace of mind knowing full-well you can go back to the authorized dealer if there are any problems.

We’ve compared our genuine brake parts against other non-genuine brake parts.  The comparison below shows the detailed differences that are not easily discernible by the customer.


Thickness of friction material 5.5mm 4.9mm
Weight 1,308g 1,291g
Quality   Non-Genuine Indentation





Smaller indentation, therefore a higher chance of malfunction

  Genuine Labour Non-genuine labour







Pins for the springs come separately, resulting in additional labour hours

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